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10 Tips to Make Cleaning Feel like Less of a Chore

So the question is how can I make cleaning less of a chore? Well as a Psychologist I'd say its less about the chore and more about your mindset that makes doing the chore easier physically and mentally.

So lets see what we can do about it:

1.Create a Cleaning Playlist: Music is a powerful tool that can instantly change your mood and make any task more enjoyable. Create a playlist of your upbeat tunes to keep you upbeat and motivated while you clean.

2. Set a Timer: Instead of thinking about cleaning as an endless task, set a timer for a specific amount of time for key areas. Knowing that there's a limit can make the task seem more manageable and less daunting especially when you have prioritised.

3.Break it Down: So rather than trying to clean your entire living space in one go, break it down into smaller tasks. Focus on one room or one type of cleaning (e.g., dusting all areas or vacuuming at a time. Once done tick this off your list. Physically striking off a chore also helps you see your accomplishments and feel rewarded when done.

4. Involve Others: Cleaning can be a shared activity. If you live with others, consider turning it into a group effort. For example in my household Sunday mornings is the time we have set aside to do our joint chores. We play music, dance and then have brunch as a well deserved treat.

5. Reward Yourself: After completing your task do something that gives your joy. Whether thats setting time aside for reading a book, going for a walk or run. Do something that makes you feel good or anything that feels like a little celebration. This positive reinforcement can make the process more enjoyable.

6. Use Your Favourite Cleaning Products: I believe there is a link between smells and feeling good. So whether it is scented candles, laundered clothes or airing out the apartment for fresh air this can create a change in mood and feeling before during and after you have completed your chores.

7. Turn it Into a Workout: 

As I mentioned before in my household we have a dancing session when having or during our chores. Cleaning actually burns calories and if you need to get your heart rate up or steps this is a great way to do that. Give your chores a time limit with high intensity and low intensity tasks and watch your watch clock that workout.

8. Declutter Regularly: This is all relative to your lifestyle and space. I tend to declutter twice a year and also around birthdays. Having this in place really helps as we take this opportunity to repurpose, give to charity or friends and The less clutter you have, the easier it is to clean. Regularly decluttering your space can make the cleaning process quicker and less overwhelming.

9. Make it a Mindful Activity: Taking a holistic approach to cleaning can be done in a mindful way. So instead of viewing cleaning as a mindless chore, practice mindfulness. Focus on the task at hand, the sensation of cleaning, and the improvement you're making to your living environment and lifestyle that you are creating that works for you.

10. Schedule Regular Cleaning Time: Having a routine defiantly helps breakdown the tasks as mentioned above and also keep on top of your chores. If you have a cleaner also this helps in between cleans and preparing for the cleaner or housekeepers visit. By doing this you actually get more from your visit with a cleaner Instead of waiting until your space is overwhelmingly messy, schedule regular cleaning sessions. This way, the mess won't pile up, and cleaning will become more of a routine than a dreaded task. If all fails contact us at Simmy’s Helping Hands for a cleaner or housekeeper.

Remember, the key is to find the balance and create a positive experience that will enable the result to be not just a chore but part of your lifestyle.

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