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How To Save Money

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

How do you save money as a family?

Having twins is an expense in itself without considering the clothes, food, etc. So how do I save money? Well I am going to share a few tips that I have found so helpful and have literally saved me £1000s of pounds.

Household bills

Generally, I use Switch and money supermarket to help me save money around the home. Uswitch was great when changing my electricity supplier. It was quick and easy to use. I also managed to save money on my phone bill using money supermarket and found deal with Vodafone for £8.00 a month unlimited calls and text and 3GB of data. Yes £8.00 after being a customer of O2 and EE I made the switch and saved so much money.

Household Supplies & Food

For my household supplies, I shop at Costco. Now I tell you this Costco has saved me money BIG TIME. From nappies to Sudocream to Ella and more. Buying in bulk can actually save money if you have the space. For example, I buy toilet paper I get 4x12 packs for £12. I also buy my comfort for babies 5litres for £5.00.

My boys love salmon so I either buy it fresh, cut and bag it or by the frozen Salmon and its already in portions.

In turn due to me being savvy with my Costco shop I am able to go back every 3-4 months for a top up of supplies.


There is a membership fee to pay. However, with my black membership card I actually make money when I spend. Dependant on how much I have shopped I usually get back enough for my membership fee and some left over.


I shop sale time and store my kids’ clothes till when they need them. To date I have some clothes and shoes aged up to age 7/10 and my twins are currently aged 4. My twins are tall and growing fast so clothes really don’t last that long. I also by joggers from my local Tesco and Primark as I need to buy 16 pairs so that they are covered for a week at nursery as they don’t wear uniform yet and have some on the weekend for Ballet and Football. The remainder is spare as my twins still love playing on the floor thus creating lovely holes in their joggers. Not to worry though I cut them and make a stitch and hey presto we have shorts.

Credit Cards

I love using my Amex for travel and larger purchases. Why? Well using some credit cards can cover you for some insurances which is great when travelling. I am able to get access to lounges for free as part of my membership and can use the concierge department to help me with bookings.


Book in advanced !!! it’s that simply you will save money or take a gamble like I am and book 4 days before lol. Whilst the children are under 5 travel as much as you can off season and while under 2 children travel free. When travelling with twins which airlines to avoid blog is coming soon so watch this space. Well

Another way to save money is to Airbnb your home or room. I have many clients who offer this service and make hundreds to thousands a week or even throughout the year.

Imagine what you can do with that money, Book a holiday, pay some of your mortgage, save some money, invest in your property whatever you like.

Obviously you need to be allowed to do this so make sure that you check your tenancy agreement first!


So whether you are going to rent your room or home make sure you have some essentials in place:

  • Check in inventory if you are renting a room or your home.

  • Store valuables/sentimental away, dont leave this around store it in a locked no access area or store in storage. Better safe than sorry!

  • Have outside security cameras. check your property for any potential problems leaks, flaky paint work, cracks etc.

  • Provide a welcome pack with information regarding your home, safety measures and places to go. Brochures, travels guides go down really well with guests.

  • Provide fresh linen, towels, toiletries. Just because your renting your home out does not mean that you cant give your guests a 5 star hotel treatment in your home.

  • I have provided hampers when we have been informed by the super host that the client is celebrating a special occasion. Be creative and go that extra mile guests notice!

  • Provide a cleaning service done by professionals so that your guests can experience a star stay at your residence with Simmy's Helping Hands if you like (see one of my Air bnb super host review)

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