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When To Say No!

Why it’s important to say no!

This is a hard lesson I had to learn but so thankful this was not a mistake that costed me thousands.

Turning away business when you our a new company is never easy but sometimes you’ve got to do what the right thing is for you and your company.

Many times we have turned away business for various reasons. Some clients feel that paying a cleaner London working wages or £16 per hour is too much. How I get around explaining why you should pay someone to clean or manage your household is simple. Why not? We live in London, pay London prices for travel, housing etc why should they be on anythings less. Often I’m posed with statements like “well this is what I was paying the other cleaning company” etc. Then I ask the question what happened? Why are you no longer with them? Answers vary from we weren't happy with the cleaners we were being sent, to they felt that the cleaner wasn’t doing a good job and the list goes on. I’ve made the decision to try my best to achieve London living wages and more for all cleaners. As a new company This has been challenging because everyone wants to keep costs down and I get it really I do. But equally I thought to myself for your cleaner for example to get paid a reasonable amount of money your more likely to be more productive, reliable and have a good attitude towards work. I personally just didn’t feel right to be paying working wages. As a result I’ve lost clients but I wouldn’t change a thing.

We have been in situations where I’ve also witnessed clients speak and act in a very degrading manner and I won’t stand for it neither should anyone working alongside us. We have had trainee doctors, surgeons mid wife’s, dentists, artists, piano teachers you name it work alongside us. You would never know who could turn up at your door, so be kind because perhaps that person might be the one who saves you literally.

Haven worked in retail myself for over 15 years whilst studying I’ve encountered many behaviours which probably have been encouraged by the notion of " The customers is always right" Well actually know your not and we all know it but it’s about being professional and handling situations with grace and dignity whilst at the same time telling a client no. Equally walking away from situations can be just as effective.

So it’s really a balancing act but more importantly sometimes it’s about saying simply no and walking away knowing you’ve made the right decision. Some clients want what’s unattainable and I’m not one for misleading and have and will always be as transparent. I’m glad that I’ve learnt and feel confident enough in myself and my team to walk away from deals that do not value our work our ethics and can do attitude. I’m also thankful for those clients that have given us the opportunity and have taken the time to listen to our recommendations which they've have benefitted from in many different ways from getting more value from their rental or sales property. Or too simply achieve a lifestyle that works for them by using one or more of our services to help them.

With that I’m going to listen to my own words of wisdom about balance and take sometime to myself. Enjoy the day and night, the ups and downs of life for tomorrow is not promised.

If you or anyone may need home help feel free to contact us on or 07932825820 or visit us at

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