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Tutoring | Exam Prep

Zones 1, 2 & Wimbledon

I am a patient, caring and enthusiastic teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in tutoring English and Mathematics for Keys Stages 1, 2 as well as preparing students for 7+, 8+, and 11+ School Entrance Exams. I also tutor English to IELTS Academic and IELTS VISA students, my highest student score is 8 (top score is 9)across all skills. My teaching style is a traditional approach where I prepare lessons for each individual student’s specific skills and knowledge using worksheets, flashcards, practice books and past exam papers. Helping students with their comprehensions skills and getting them to enjoy writing their essays or story writing skills are lessons I regularly teach. I am also a graduate in Art and Educational Studies from Froebel College, Roehampton Institute, Surrey University and a qualified Cambridge CELTA Teacher. In addition to supporting my students with essay writing and revision I have also tutored students online via SKYPE.

I would highly recommend Ms Deborah Deane as a tutor. Over the autumn term in 20017 she came to tutor our son Sebastian aged 7 for 2 hour sessions in October and December. Her focus was on teaching Sebastian for his 8+ Entrance Exams at the Sussex House School, London. Sebastian needed help with Mathematics and English especially writing stories and his comprehension skills. She also helped Sebastian with his exam skills by providing him with past papers to work on. He took his 8+ exams in January 2018 and we were pleased to find that he was offered a place at Sussex House School for Sebastian to attend in September 2018. Deborah was efficient, organised and explained things clearly to Sebastian. I feel she really strengthened Sebastian’s writing and gave him tools to help him organise his stories in a simpler way than how he had been taught at school. We are very grateful and would highly recommend her to any parent looking for an 8+ tutor.

Maurhys .P.

Mentoring | Tutoring

All of London

I am a Senior Learning Mentor at a primary school working with Early years foundation stage (EYFS) and KS1 children, however I have worked and gained experience in KS2 and tutored KS3 and KS4. I have been working in education and as a tutor for over 3 years. I have extensive knowledge of the national curriculum which has helped me tutor children with their SATS and GCSES and to also improve their confidence. I am able to offer tuition in a number of subjects particularly English, Maths, Reading and Media studies.  I also supply resources such as up to date and past SATS and GCSE papers to support each child. I am very passionate about children and am a firm believer that children need the right environment and support in order to grow and reach their vast potential. I advocate for the child-centred approach (CCP) to tailor my sessions around the children and their needs. I specialise in looked after children and Special educational needs (SEN) but I am also experienced in tutoring those with other requirements. I regularly speak with each child’s parents to inform them how the sessions are going and to also find out how their children are doing at school. This helps me to set up an assessment plan to show their progress and the work I am doing. To date my tutoring hours are 310.

Maurhys is a highly sought after, results-driven tutor with sound knowledge of the New Curriculum. He has a talent for helping pupils  reach their fullest potential due to his patience and perseverance and ability to tailor his approach depending on the needs of the child. My son excelled in his literacy and numeracy largely because of Maurhys’ support and guidance. – Aden’s mum (Shelly)

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