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Hair Services

Welcome to the hair and treatment section which offers you all appointments in the comfort of your own home. So if you fancy a cut, colour, Blow out, we have you covered. 

You don't need an excuse to have your hair pampered. Enjoy from a wide range of hair treatments & hair styles. We have hair stylists that are trained and qualified so whether you're having a hair treatment, weave, wigs, braids or starting your natural hair journey we have someone for you. 

Hair Stylist

No need to leave the comfort of your home and travel to get your hair colour changed, we will come to you. Sit back and watch the transformation from our professional colourist. Call for a consultation, get booked and wait for us to come to you.  


Hair colour

Need a trim of fancy a fringe? Let our qualified Hair stylist cut away those dead ends and leave you looking and feeling your best. Fancy a cut with a hair treatment? Whatever you decided we are here to make sure you receive salon treatment at home.


Cutting Hair

Hair Treatment

Give your hair the treatment it deserves! Allow our hair stylist to give your hair the treatment it needs to restore strength, promote growth and healthiness.  You can sit back and relax whilst we cater to your hair on your time.


Hair Styled

Got an important event to attend to? or perhaps your just want to get pampered? Have one of our stylist create the perfect up do, bouncing curls or bone straight hair styles all in the comfort of your home. Forget going to the salon and wasting more time travelling, we will come to you do our job and you can be on your way, looking and feeling the best you!

Simmys's Helping Hands Manicure

No need to leave the home and wait for a Manicure appointment we will come to you. Enjoy a luxury manicure treatment tailored to leaving your hands and nails soft, polished cut and clean. Our nail technicians offer a wide range of services and treatments to cater to you.

Blow Out

Simmys's Helping Hands Hair

Have your hair braided chunky to micro all in the comfort of your home. No need to wait for hours to get your hair done! Book your time and we will come early and late hour appointments available. Cornrows also availible. Call our consultant to book your appointment first. 


Simmys's Helping Hands Hair

Weaves & Wigs

Get your wig or weave installed, styled and ready with one of our consultants. Dont waste time going to the salon. Speak with our consultant and book your appointment. Early morning and late evenings slots avaiable. 

Simmys's Helping Hands Hair

Want that blowout that gets you waves, curls, or bounce that lasts for days? Well enjoy a blowout all in the comfort of your home. So if you want that extra bounce in your hair then call us and book in for your blowout.


Simmys's Helping Hands Hai

Enquire Today

Simmy's Helping Hands Ltd

71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden,

London, WC2H 9JQ | | Tel: 020 7509 6427 Mob: 07932 825 820 

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