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As a new parent of twins, I know how hard it is to juggle looking after children, the household, working and everything else that's not mentioned. Why not let us help you by providing a Parents Help often referred to as a Mother Helper. We are in the 21st century hence my use of a Parent Help because I am fully aware that in today's times fathers take time out of there career to help raise a family. So, with that being said if you would like an extra pair of hands to help out with cleaning, laundry, shopping, meals prep or feeding let us help you. An extra pair of hands allows you to spend quality time with your child or children. Whether you need an extra pair of hands getting to an appointment or help prepare for a kid's party we will help.  


All consultants are DBS checked, vetted, have a good work experience base and referenced. 

Parents Helper

'Being a parent is challenging at the best of times and you should not worry if you cant do it all alone because we are here to give you an extra pair of hands when you need it and for as long as you need it to help you stay on track.

It was hard for me to ask for help but it was the best thing I could do for my family at that time''

Parents Help Role

A Parents Help work alongside a mother, farther or carer rather than having sole charge of the children. A Parents Help might be the solution for parents who work from home or part time and would benefit from someone who can do light housework for the children and help out with the childcare alongside your supervision.

See below for a brief overview of the Parents Help


Role and Duties:

  • Parent Helpers works alongside the mother, father or carer by caring for the children and is not fully in charge as would be the role of a nanny.

  • He or She is not a Domestic Cleaner however they can do nursery duties such as doing the children's washing and ironing, keeping their rooms tidy, clearing away the toys, cooking for the children and clearing up in the kitchen afterwards.

  • Other light duties may involve helping you with the family shopping, unloading/loading the washing machine or dishwasher.

  • All duties carried out should be discussed and agreed before the Parents Helper begins.


For more information please contact me and we can arrange suitable candidates for you to either interview or select from our data base. 

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Parents helper

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