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Unexpected Visitor...How I Get My Home Cleaned ASAP

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Don't You Just love cleaning? Not LOL........

Unexpected guest are coming and I need to do a quick Blitz Clean around the apartment. Here are my top tips:

What you need:

General Household cleaning wipes


  • Washing hanging in the living room just move it to the bedroom or another room thats not in use.

  • letters lying around stack them and put neatly on a coffee/dinning table or desk. Even better if you have a storage box place them there.

  • Dishes lying around or mugs put them either in your sink or dishwasher then wipe surface down with a general household cleaning wipe, and depending on the surface area either air dry or using a cloth or paper towel.

  • Have the type of cleaning wipes that you can use ideally all around the home.

  • Quick clean the bathroom wiping down the surfaces leaving the room clean and smelling fresh.

  • Haven't taken out the rubbish yet and theres a smell well quickly remove and tie the rubbish bag and place on balcony out of sight. If you haven't got a balcony then seal the bag and just use another place on top in the meantime. Then open your windows for a blast of fresh air whilst your guest are in my case getting past security and buzzing through the various doors and going up a few generous amount of floors in the lift.

  • Vacuum time I love using my free standing motored Dyson especially for a quick hoover on maximum suction. Within a few minutes I can hoover the main rooms like living room, bathroom and hallway.

  • Clothes lying around collect them and place in bedroom on chair or bed and put away later.

  • kids toys everywhere either place them in a storage box if you have one or put them in a bag and place them in another room.

  • Time to spare well why not light some scented candles, and dont forget to close the windows.

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