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Art On A Bottle

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I’m not really an artistic person besides when I used to do contemporary dance. I thought I would try something different so I played around with the exposure filters and well here is my version for the limited edition art collection. ⠀ What’s great about these products besides being a non-toxic surface cleaner, a plant based foaming hand wash, cruelty free, it cleans and smells great?! ⠀

Also instead of throwing the container away why don’t you keep it, reuse it and refill it, this is a piece of art after all! ⠀ Method have brought to us a selection of limited art work edition products. The artist that I haven chosen to support is @adelaidedamoah the painter and performance artist. ⠀ When I saw the art piece I was like wow this is amazing and I loved the fact that using ones own body was used as a paint brush. I connected with this as I used to use my body to express emotions, stories and my journey through dance. ⠀ Over the years my body has changed in many ways from a dancer to an endometriosis survivor and now a mother of twins. ⠀

The female body is simple amazing in how it grows, adapts and changes. I saw this image on the day I was not in control of my body and I saw this and even though in pain I was able to see another beautiful woman’s body that looked like mine and I felt connected with my interpretation of the image showing me the strength, beauty, pain and vulnerability of womanhood. ⠀ As quoted on the bottle by Adelaide Damoah “bold is beautiful, celebrate female empowerment”. This is another reason to celebrate as representation matters and supporting other women is important. ⠀

So I’ve bagged my products and a few for my Airbnb clients and guys this range from @method_uk will not disappoint as usual so it’s #simmyshelpinghands approved. ⠀ 📸photo credit: @simmyshelpinghands

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