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How to Sell, Rent or Airbnb your Property!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Get that property!

Whether you’re looking to sell, rent or Airbnb your property give it the best fighting chance.

It’s the simple things or perhaps it’s the little things that count so let’s talk about the psychology of your home.

When you’re about to sell your property you want to give it the best chance at being snapped up without even a viewing trust me this does happen. When your renting you want the right people to come in and make your home there’s. And when you Airbnb your property your want it to be treated with the respect you’ve shown it and for many to enjoy what your home has to offer that others don’t.

So how do you make your property stand out from the rest?

Well hear are a few tips:

A family home is a lived home. Know one really expects there not to be any level or mess or disorder but when setting up those pictures have the place professionally cleaned and tided so that potential buyers can see the full potential of what your home has to offer. Provide a floor plan, even better a video tour of your home. Natural lighting is great so people can see what it looks like during the day.

Alternative angled shots help as I believe that this gives you more of a chance for the prospective new home owner to visualise the space and will lead them to ultimate add you to the one or at least favourites batch.

Knowing your home will be viewed many times your get used to have the essentials hidden from sight (dirty bins messy linens etc).

When you have that client coming back for a second viewing which maybe the decider have a few things in place to help stimulate the psychological connection. For example you may choose to bake bread, or have greasy paste rows out or on display, have fresh flowers displayed or oddly enough have fresh clean laundry just finished hung. These psychological cues stimulates the brain in many different ways which in a positive note may help the prospective new home owner connect with there hopefully new home. Certain smells or even visual stimuli can help us feel comfortable relaxed and at ease which in turn help with ones visualisation of being in your home as there’s.

Onto renting, well this is a bit more straightforward you really want someone to feel that your home will now become there’s. Haven had many tenants stay for as long as 10 years it’s quite simple have a property that has a canvas that is inviting not overly personal yet equipped with essentials. As my tenants general stay on average 6 years or more once they leave we always go in and freshen up the home and make a few adjustments. Get the professional clean sorted and professional pictures taken and we are good to go. So although we don’t do the whole bread baking etc as mentioned above freshen up the apartment and changing furniture means that the new tenements feel that they are the first ones there and why shouldn’t they. Also there are many alternative methods you can use to give off that impression from moving the furniture around, changing sofa covers if this is what you have etc. I like the showroom effect personally for renting as most of my properties are full furnished but be careful not to impose too much of your style in the rental property as dependant on the tenant some may want to make it there own.

Now Airbnb this is very subjective and I’ve discussed this before in previous posts and blocks.

So what will make your Airbnb property stand out from your neighbours people in your area heck people in London. Well from my personal experiences working with super host I’ve come to understand it’s simply the personal touches like for example, bath robes, slippers, hampers with local produce, or a spa hamper, supplying information packs that go beyond just the basics of your home but also offers information on what is happening currently in your area and surrounding borough. But whether you decide to do these extras or not the most important thing is that your property is clean accessible and safe. Hire a professional cleaning company to get this sorted, have your safety checks in place and ask information relating to access. Nothing beats having these three essential things in place.

So whatever you’re doing to get that property up to standards it’s always worth speaking to somebody else and getting their opinion be it an state agent a management company or Simmy’s Helping Hands who provide consultations to many clients wanting to sell rent or Airbnb their property.

Have a nice day and Feel free to contact us with any queries at or visit us at

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