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Create The Lifestyle That Works For You

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

How? By taking and having a holistic approach to your life.

In this day and age we are working longer for less money 💵

We have stress related illnesses causing harm to our emotional and physical body and the list goes on.

So let me get to the point. I remember having a conversation once with a friend who complained tirelessly about there work. I don’t like the people I don’t like the hours etc etc etc.

So I broke it down and asked;

What do you do outside of work? Work out, go to see shows, having nice dinners, love a few holidays a year

Do you enjoy these activities? Yes

How are you able to do this? Work

So I said why don’t you focus on the benefits your life outside of work as clearly you are most happy when sharing this part of your lifestyle.

In an ideal world you maybe told hey 👋 you yes you can have the perfect job and the ideal lifestyle. Some people are fortunate to enjoy there work and get paid well.

However by just changing your mentality towards work can make 50% difference to your mental wellbeing. For example changing your perception towards work by perhaps reinforcing the positive attributes work gives you.

So when your looking or focusing on the negatives try and balance it out with the positives in your life. Sometimes small changes can be the biggest. It’s not always about changing jobs, working for yourself, etc. Sometimes it’s about looking at what’s around you, what can you take charge of and well, what you can do to holistically change for a balanced lifestyle.

The little things like having a hot relaxing bath, reading that book you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s going for a stroll or just having that extra 10mins in 🛌.

So when looking at the steps that you can take let’s see what you come up with?

Will it be changing you thoughts about work and compartmentalising your lifestyle to create that balance between work and pleasure.

Could it be saying that work does not define who you are but is a means to allow you to have the lifestyle you require. Or maybe it’s a big fat I don’t need much because I’m content and happy with just being present daily and living the best life I can it’s not about the future I’m living for today daily.

Whatever it takes create the lifestyle that works for you. Never feel like you can’t ask for help either. At the end of the day we all need a helping hand at times and sometimes this is the game changer. Investing in your time sometimes cost nothing and sometimes costs a little but the returns are life chanting. Having more time might make the difference and hopefully for the better.

So if there are a areas of your life that you think 💭 we can help get in contact. We are all about promoting a holistic approach when helping clients which is why we offer the range of services we do from professional cleans to beauty treatment and more.

Create the lifestyle that works for you with us at Simmy's Helping Hands.

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