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Travelling With Twins

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Travelling with Twins?.....How I Survive Travelling with Twins

Getting ready to leave the house has to of been one of the most stressful, time consuming ordeals ever sigh. Well after my first venture out when the boys when they were a few weeks old it took me 30 mins to leave the house just to go 5 mins down the road to a cafe. Now it takes me 5 mins because I'm so prepared.

Having my pram sorted and with its essentials leaves me to focus on the bag essentials and topping up my supplies weekly means I'm never running low if I get caught out if I decide to stay out all day.

Pram essentials:

  • Rain cover essential we live in England and you never know when it may rain. Mother care offer a 2 in one seasonal hood and it's great as you'll never forget it. Just attach to the pram and unzip it when it rain.

  • Footmuff winter and summer perfect for when baby takes a nap and great if you can get one when the child is older that you can unzip at the bottom if there shoes are muddy. I brought the bugaboo diesel and it's great with a zip in the middle and one on either side it really helps getting them in quick and easy. In the summer I have removed this altogether although there's no need to and have two blankets tucked under the bottom main seat for when it gets cool int the evening.

  • A sturdy reusable food shopping bag (I love my Waitrose one its tall and slim so I fit a good amount in there).

  • Treats bag this is filled with my kids essentials items like Ella's kitchen fruit healthy Krispy and goodies fruit bars. Smoothies that I get from the fridge and either put in my Pacapod food bag or bottom of pram where it will stay reasonable cold. This is ideal when my twins have finished class they love to jump in the pram and have a smoothie and crisp or even fruit. I make sure that this bag is topped up probably every two days.

My essential items:

This bag is great it has great compartments and looks great to. It comes with two separate compartments which you have two bags one for nappy change and one for feeding. These bags can be removed for more storage or clipped onto your pram for your convenience.

For baby:

  • Water wipes

  • nappy wipes

  • Detox wipes

  • Sudo cream

  • Muslin

  • Calpol packs

  • Teething gel

  • Baby grows

  • Bibs

  • Sun screen

  • Baby folks and spoons

  • Wipeable foldable plastic bibs

  • Sterilised bottle

  • Ready made baby milk

  • Ella fruit pouch or Smoothie

  • Fruit bar

  • Hand sterilisers

  • Small drawing pad and a pack of crayons

  • Small kids kindle when travelling for the whole day it's great after kids have eaten meal and have done there drawings they can watch a phonetics show or Dora whilst I eat my meal.

  • Battery pack always handed to have to charge your phone or iPad/kindle

For you:​

  • Nipple scream if needed

  • Bouton if you eat meets or some form, of protein energy bar or snack. Make sure you have something for yourself. I remember being out one day driving for a long time with no petrol, station in sight and putting over to nick one of my child Ella's it tastes good so no complaints but I'd prefer to have had something more substantial lol.

  • Nipple covers (if required)

  • Spare Clothes

  • Small bottle of water

  • Paracetamol

  • Essential make up ( Moisturisers, lip balm, hair band)

And there you have it my essential guide to surviving any given situation. I hope this has helped please like comment and share. If you have any hacks or tricks I'd love to hear about it.

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