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How I Found My Perfect Pram For Twins

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Finding the perfect pram for you........

How I found to my perfect twin pram!

First of all, I did a lot of research online and I went to a few baby shows.

Going to the store or a baby show is a great way to what test drive your pram which for me was essential. Being 5 feet 10” having a pram that was suitable for my height was essential.

At the baby show in Excel London I came across many different varieties of twin prams. My husband initially wanted to go for side-by-side like the bugaboo. Don’t get me wrong the pram was great the suspension was on point, the comfort and ease pushing the pram around was fantastic. My only reservation was how Am I going to cope when opening and closing doors, travelling down narrow streets etc especially when I would be using this pram a lot of the time by myself?

With that being said I decided to broaden my research of twin prams catered for my lifestyle and needs.

Living in London, travelling with the side-by-side pram knowing that some people aren’t as helpful was a big worry of mine. I like my independence and not having to rely on anyone else so I decided to look at inline twin prams.

That’s when I came across the MIMA KOBI. This pram literally blew me away. There are so many things I loved about this pram and I will list them down here below for you to see:

  • The ease of pushing the pram around was excellent

  • The size of the pram height and width fits perfectly through small doors in and around the shopping centre, my home, restaurants and more.

  • I love the fact that the main seat was basically a two in one. The carrycot was inside of the main seat.

  • Forward facing two car seats

  • Main Street easy to clean literally wipe able

  • Basket area

  • Beautiful bag free with the pram!

  • Double rain cover that covered my twins and shopping area (extra points for considering full coverage)

  • Fits perfectly into the Stoke pram bag (used for travelling abroad and protecting you pram from the abuse it receives from some baggage handlers)

  • Folds neatly into car as a double

  • Puncture free tyres

  • Great suspension

  • Very sturdy

  • Excellent breaks

  • Footmuff is waterproof and can be used from birth

  • Finally the appearance, stylish, modern, sleek

The only problem I faced with the MIMA was when my twins grew too long for the pram mainly due to their long legs.

The cons of the Mima pram:

  • The main seat isn’t long enough for two-year-olds with long legs

  • You can’t have both main seat forward facing

  • For travelling abroad at the time when I bought the Mima pram there wasn’t a pram bag

  • The bag area would be hard to access when not using the carrycot.

As I mentioned earlier I went to the baby show in excel and actually brought my pram with Car seats from the Cheeky Rascals Nicole was amazing and even after the sales care was exceptional. Nicole helped me when I had an issue the pram and it was sorted out ASAP. I have now just read that the Mima Kobi has been discontinued, however you may be able to buy this online. For more information about the pram you can visit

Now I had to go and search for another in inline double pram from my twins who had outgrown my pram. Again, I went to the baby show and saw quite a few in inline double prams the issue that I faced was that there are a lot on the market for a toddler and a new-born not twins.

Then I came across the selection of Phil and Teds section of in-line prams. I thought all of my prayers have been answered when I came across the Phil and Teds Voyager pram. Phil and Teds promote the Voyager as a twin pram?!

This is not true ! please be aware if you are purchasing this pram it is not a twin pram but in fact has a seat for a toddler and new-born.

The reason being is that the two main seats are different sizes. I have never come across twins that are two different heights when babies. Obviously, this is possible if one child may have suffered from some form of disability. But overall, I’d say that most twins are the same height.

Here is a list of pros for the pram:

  • Due to the seat being different sizes the whole Pram and frame are fully collapsible.

  • The main seat which is also a carrycot is a great size for new-borns and toddlers.

  • The main seat should carry your child till around the age of 4/ 5.

  • No punctured tires

  • The frame of the pan is perfect for someone of my height and has and adjustable handle bar.

  • Great basket storage area that can be reached at all times

  • Great legroom for child underneath

  • Great break system located near the handlebar

  • twins of children can face each other in the pram

  • large waterproof hood with great coverage


  • Not a twin pram false advertisement (two different size seat).

  • Does not come with a double rain cover.

  • Does not come with a rain cover that would fit a toddler.

  • The metal frame is very weak and almost like tin.

  • When facing a curb you have to put weight on the bar going across the bottom of the frame otherwise you risk the weight of the pram breaking.

And there you have it my personal pram journey. If you found this helpful pop a comment below. I will also be discussing the various products that I have purchased also that i have found really helpful throughout my journey of parenthood with twins.

Bye all,

Simmoina Ellis

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