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Updated: Feb 22, 2020


It was one of the hardest decisions in my life not to return to work after giving birth to my twin boys. I felt drawn in so many directions and conflicted in my new role as a mother. To be honest I didn’t have the best experience when I left work. I had taken out a grievance against my manager and WON the case. More importantly though I had been suffering with anxiety and returning back to work and leaving my twins was a huge struggle.

Having dealt with Anxiety and treated clients with anxiety I was more than aware of the symptoms and as much as I tried I couldn’t bring myself to get on the train back to a place that caused me so much pain.

I really wanted to be strong but the situation with my manager left with me with little confidence even though I WON so I guess she was the WINNER after all. Wining you might think would have lead me to feeling victorious and doing a happy dance. But in reality, I was heavily pregnant with twins having to prove that I was a victim of a manager abusing her role and power over me as an employee. So, I QUIT and started a new journey and company Simmy’s Helping

Now I am in a much better place, reflecting on the situation I can see this as part of my Journey and personal growth. I was lucky to have the support of my husband, family and friends that really encouraged me when all I wanted to do was walk away. More importantly I am eternally grateful for all my clients. They didn’t know what was going on. My role and client relationships was what kept me going and my spirits up when I wanted to QUIT. I will always remember one client in particular who thanked me with a personal hand written letter she sent me and emailed to the company and manager. It was ironically during the grievance process and on the day I had just returned from hours long meeting with HR that she thanked me for helping her overcome her anxiety and fears. The TRUTH was she helped me keep going knowing that no matter what I wouldn’t abandon her and my other clients when at times I struggled with the thoughts of walking away.

So with that being said I have started my life over with a new journey ahead with the launch of Simmy’s Helping I hope you can join me on this journey feel free to stop by.

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